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Jupiter James: Jollies (Pre-order)

Planned release date is 13/10/17

10 Pounds

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Books of 2017

  • One leap of faith and 77 KIND ACTS from around the World.
    This documents my travels and helps give a new perspective on the World which seems dominated with bad news. A real life experience of real life experiences.

  • Jupiter James Jollies
    The second in the series of Jupiter James. This brings a new story from each of the Markey children right to the interwebs of the young adult readers of today.

  • Stand Up and Stand Out to be successful
    The follow on to Stand Out. Updated with the feedback received from customers. From new experiences and reflections on old advice.

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    Welcome to JPMarkey Media

    This is where you'll find all my published books, games, applications and ideas. Past and present.

    2017 Editions coming soon....!

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