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Stand Out book by James Markey

Stand Out is our top publication at present. Stocks ran out in late 2016. More due soon.

Books of 2017

  • One leap of faith and 77 KIND ACTS from around the World.
    This documents my travels and helps give a new perspective on the World which seems dominated with bad news. A real life experience of real life experiences.

  • Jupiter James Jollies
    The second in the series of Jupiter James. This brings a new story from each of the Markey children right to the interwebs of the young adult readers of today.

  • Stand Up and Stand Out to be successful
    The follow on to Stand Out. Updated with the feedback received from customers. From new experiences and reflections on old advice.

    Buzzy Bee Concept

    Now available for download! See the games section.

    Pour my Drink

    The idea of the game is to pour the perfect drink without the foam bubbling over the top. It's played with one hand and you hold down until you think the pouring should stop.

    This could be modified for St. Patrick's day with Guinness and for other sponsored events.

    Simple game with a challenge a friend button to spread it.

  • James Markey

    A James Paul Markey Production