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Achieve Anything

Hi, I'm James. I don't know how to make mobile games. I don't know how to edit videos. I don't know how to design book covers. Whilst we're discussing things I haven't done, I certainly haven't visited any more than a few European countries.

At least that's what I would've told you a couple of months ago.

You see, in the last months I've taken a university exam in London, learnt to write a free mobile game (search JPMarkey on iPhone / Android), written a book and designed the cover (77 Kind Acts, out Friday), learnt to edit and publish videos (check out YouTube) and in the meantime I've also travelled to another 15 European countries (check out The Manager Abroad).

Now, that doesn't make me special. I don't mention it to elicit your envy nor your admiration. Nor, even, to empty your wallet (though remember, 77 Kind Acts is out on Friday!). Heck, I learnt most of this stuff off my under-18 siblings but that's the point. Just because something's a mystery to you, doesn't mean it's unattainable. Just because you have ideas, doesn't mean it has to only be an ideal.

That's the point.

After I posted the new book cover on Facebook someone asked me on DM: "how do you even learn to do these things. I, myself, want to publish a book but I haven't written it because I don't know how I'd even get it published.".

That's when I realised.

How you achieve new things isn't about what you know. It's about how you tackle finding out. It's more a mindset issue.

Let's take the book example.

Do you want to publish a book or do you want to write a book?

Both? Great. That's step one. You've now broken your task into two different tasks.

Step two: Which step do you tackle first? Now you can ask some questions.
Writing the book? Good. Now you know what questions you need to be asking. So stop asking about how to get publishers to publish a book. Why? Because you haven't even written the book yet! Instead, start getting your thoughts together on what type of book you want to write. What experience do you have? Who are you going to aim it at? Have you got good enough writing skills or should you take an evening class? Good. Now you're asking the right questions.

Step Three: Go with masterpiece #2.

Strange advice, right? Well, you asked how to get it published before you even wrote it. So, I'm guessing you're idea for what to write means a lot to you? Yes. That's good. Which is why you need to work on multiple ideas. Put everything into your masterpiece but entertain another idea while you're at it. Maybe a short story. Maybe something you thought you'd work on next. You're ambitious, you can do both. When you get around to it, try to publish masterpiece #2. Use this one to fail but fail trying. Learn how to self-publish with this one. You'll make mistakes in the description, in the price, in your marketing. That's OK. Next time you'll know the ropes. You'll have contacts in the industry. You'll have support around you. You'll be able to advertise. If you get it right the first time then even better. Now you know the secrets. Replicate it for your real masterpiece next time.

Whichever way the dice fall you can move on to step four: use everything you've learnt to publish masterpiece 1. Then, just keep learning, keep trying because you'll automatically hit step 5 you're happy that you did it. Whether fame, fortune and accolades come your way or not. You've done it. You had an idea. You ran with it.

You are my hero.

Top Posts

  1. LinkedIn: Retail's Not THAT Bad (20+ Comments)
  2. LinkedIn: Welcoming Woman at the Workplace
  3. The Ultimate Ice Breakers

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