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The well established book-review website Good Reads has added JP Markey to their database of authors and has uploaded both Jupiter James and Stand Out (From the Crowd) to the page.

JP Markey on Good Reads

How exciting!

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand Out From The Crowd by James Markey JP Markey

Website for the new book 'Stand Out' by JP Markey has now been launched. Count down the days to go until Stand Out From The Crowd is published and available to buy in a store near you!

Click here to view the website.

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Russell and Bromley Online Launch

Russell and Bromley Online

As far as I'm concerned, comfy shoes are a fundamental part of the grown-up woman's wardrobe. No one ever looks glamorous if their feet hurt. And they can't walk properly. But this doesn't have to mean a life spent in orthopaedic purgatory. Chic flats look brilliant with cigarette pants and a smart winter coat.

The good news is that British footwear brand Russell & Bromley is launching an e-commerce site on December 3, just in time for Christmas.

(via That's Not My Age web blog)

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