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Two More Book Reviews

Two more book reviews for Stand Out From The Crowd by James Markey.

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Stand Out From The Crowd - EXTRACT

Keep A Portfolio

“Remind yourself how good you are that’s your standard”

As soon as you accomplish something you are really proud of you need to showcase it. This comes in super handy for impromptu job interviews which will impress and delight. More so, however, it is a great reminder to yourself of how good you can be. The ultimate reinforcement for Positive Mental Attitudes.

Whether you make it in the local newspaper for charity work, launch a project at work or have contributed to the massive rise in profits it all counts. As long as you can easily show someone what exactly you contributed and you are genuinely proud of what you achieved. There is no chance of you being able to pull the wool over your own eyes after all.

The other benefit of this is that it makes you want to complete projects and have accomplishments that are worthy enough to include in your portfolio for the future.

The ultimate motivation to do better is to compete with yourself.

Taking my own advice
You can see my portfolio at: http://www.jpmarkey.co.uk/?pg=portfolio

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It's OK Not To Get The Job!

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“If you always get the job you’re not aiming high enough”

For anyone who wants to be the best, and I'm no different, you will do everything within your power to achieve everything you apply for and put your mind to. So when you don’t get it, it’s frustrating as hell.

But that’s OK.

Up until I was 19 I had got every job I had ever applied for. It felt fantastic and gave me an incredible confidence boost. Then I started applying for jobs that were well and truly out of my league.

I got interviews for all of them but didn’t get a single job offer not one.

After I got over the initial reaction of rejection, I got a little bit of advice from someone who had done it all before. They told me that this was the best thing I could’ve done at this point: I’m trying to achieve the seemingly impossible and the experience that will give me is invaluable. They were right.

If you never get a rejection following a job interview it means you’ve been playing it safe. You’re not aiming high enough. Not only can you use rejection as a positive reinforcement that you’re on the right track, it’s also a great learning for when these jobs really do become within your reach.

Think about it: you know the level of people that will be interviewing you, if you have asked the right questions back, you’ll be able to deduce what they are looking for and you already know the type of questions they are going to ask you next time.

Hot Tip

Write all this stuff down. Prepare for the questions which you now know will be asked next time and keep it as a secret weapon when you find you’re applying for the same level of job in a few months / years’ time.

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