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What 7 Days of LinkedIn Publishing Brings You

Today is my 7th day of publishing on LinkedIn daily. I thought it would be a good opportunity to be open and allow you to see the facts and figures around views, likes and comments, what difference being featured makes.

Views, Likes and Comments

Views: 636
Likes 83
Comments: 11

New Profile Views: 21
New Connections: 3
New Followers: 4
New Recruiter Phone Calls: 2

Being Featured

I got lucky and one of my posts, "Why Working in Retail Isn't as Bad as You Think It Is" must have caught someone's attention and got featured on the front page.

The impact of reaching people outside of my own network was huge. To give you some perspective here's those numbers again and in bold is the figures attributed to the one article:

Views: 636 (498 - 78%)
Likes 83 (74 - 89%)
Comments: 11 (11 - 100%!!)

Other Benefits

So, why do this? Chase the page views and crave the comments? They are nice. But, actually, writing is quite therapeutic. It gives a reason to get up earlier in the morning. It helps clear the day's thoughts and feel like you're being proactive about doing something. My writing may not be the best but it won't improve unless I practice.

And The Downside?
Well, when that first disheartening or rude comment comes, I just hope I can turn the other cheek!

What are your experiences like?

Thanks for reading.

Until tomorrow!

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1st March 2015
Impacting The Macro

Currently, I am doing a business educational course to try to build my understanding in the retail and greater business world and I wanted to share something with you.

The first thing we learnt was about the micro environment (that is, things in a business that have direct and close impacts on you: your customers, your suppliers, your competitors etc) and the macro environment (that is, external forces that affect you long term and supposedly can't be controlled, often described as PEEST - Political, Environmental, Economical, Social and Technological).

We were being taught that, in business, we should focus our efforts on impacting the micro environment and stay alert to react to the macro. And everywhere I seem to research says the same. But why only ever react? Why not impact both?

I'm sure most people have heard, if not been told, the age old advice of:

Don't worry about things you can't control.

Now, I may not be able to control things like political policies but what if they're wrong, unfair or create injustice. Should we just placate and react to what's thrown at us? Or should we make a stand and let our voices be heard?

I personally think that the Macro world needs a rethink. It should not be the part of the world we react to, or consider uncontrollable, but the part of the world we INFLUENCE for the GOOD and that should be part of everyone's business plans.

Now, I want to draw your attention to companies which don't see the macro world as uncontrollable or unchangeable as you or I might be taught:

Virgin - Political
Succeeded in a petition to allow them to compete in Dallas Fields Airports which gave better choice to customers.

Iceland Foods - Ethical / Environmental
Was the first UK supermarket to ban genetically modified and artificial ingredients in own brand products. Beats competitors in the micro world and impacts the macro.

Barclays - Economical
Pays the Living Wage to all of their employees and supports the Living Wage Foundation to persuade more companies to pay the living wage.

Sure, you could find ways to argue that all of these examples are somehow confined to the micro-environment or reactions to the macro. But even in my naivety, shouldn't we be inspiring people to create change instead of getting them to placate?

Thanks for reading.

Until tomorrow.

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Bonus Post
28th February 2015
It's All About You

"You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time." --M. Scott Peck

Yesterday I realised something.
I'm selfish.

I ask far too many questions because I actually want to say something on that subject as opposed to wanting to know what someone thinks. When someone is talking; all I can think about is what do I want to say next. And when someone changes the subject before I said what I've just thought of, I get really, really annoyed. Or, I just change the subject back and disrupt the flow of conversation.

Sound like anyone you know? Probably. I'm convinced it's not only me out there but I want to do something about it.

I want to be a better listener.
I want to be a better manager.
I want to be a better partner.
Hell, I want to be a better person.

So, today I did something about it.

Today, I promised myself, if you talk to me then it's all about you. I will listen to what you say without thinking about what I want to say instead. I promised I wouldn't start a conversation about myself. I promised I would ask questions out of an interest in someone.I promised I would listen to the answer.

And here's what happened:

I Learnt Stuff
Valuable stuff. Staff's career aspirations, about their life outside of work, about their educational aspirations. All of which helps me to be a better manager to the people I manage.

I Did Less
By listening to people better, even for a day, I was able to delegate more effectively. Give opportunities to the ones who wanted it, stretch the ones who could be stretched, and do less myself. Which, when you have a high performing team who can do their job better than I can do it for them, is only a good thing.

I Had Fun
I genuinely enjoyed today even more than I enjoyed yesterday (and yesterday was even a day off!). I made people feel special by doing what I should be doing and listening to them. Not just listening, but really listening.

And I Slipped Up
There were times I talked about myself without anyone asking. There were one or two occasions where I caught myself thinking about my response and then having to say "sorry. Can you repeat that?".

But that's OK.

Tomorrow's another day and today is just one small step in the right direction.

Over To You
Next time you're having a conversation with someone think, as McFly would say, "it's all about you".

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